Increase the effectiveness of the internal
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Use Cases

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Leadership and Community

Encourage your company’s opinion-leaders to share their voice and orchestrate the change. Turn employees into active storytellers and on-the-go learners, build a strong corporate community of like-minded people

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Culture and Adaptability

Going through a corporate transformation process or adapting to the remote and virtual working environment? Embrace and develop your company’s values and vision in times of change with powerful, engaging audio-content that inspires and unites employees

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Increased Productivity

Is employee on-boarding cumbersome, trainings destructive and strategy update mail invisible? Optimize repeated communication by creating convenient and impactful audio-manuals, distribute them by one click, track the process and collect feedback

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At si:cross, we put data protection, confidentiality and software integrity first. We take multiple efforts to: ensure complete compliance with GDPR limit personal data usage to an absolute minimum give you full control over the extend and types of personal data shared with us keep the data in sync with your source system constantly update our state of the art software architecture that ensures security across all layers Our Data Protection and Software team constantly reviews, tests and advances our security measures and practices according to the latest standards.


Do you want to know your audience better and increase the effectiveness of your internal communication? It is finally possible with si:cross. We believe that what gets measured gets improved. si:cross provides actionable insights on your audience and their interests to tailor your communication strategy according to changing business goals. Learn and improve your communication by testing, experimenting and and engaging with your audience. With si:cross insights you are able to: spot topics which resonate the most with your audience and those they miss develop most effective practices and techniques to reach different target groups within your company optimize your resources and time spent on internal communication and much more!

Consulting and training

The si:cross software enables asynchronous, flexible internal communication by reducing screen time and returning employees’ focus to tasks that maximizes their performance. However, sustainable organizational transformation requires not only the right tool but also the right mindset and smart strategies. Our team helps you to acquire both. Sustainable corporate transformation can be achieved through small behavioral changes. Our communication experts and strategists analyze communication flows and patterns of your company to guarantee behavioral shifts and the success of the tool adoption.

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si:cast - the podcast on the future of communication
si:cast - the podcast on the future of communication
Kulturwandel & Kommunikation bei der Hamburger Sparkasse

We offer the asynchronous audio solution for the complex needs of knowledge workers in a virtual first future.

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