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First Steps

Open the Web App

Enter your space name and press sign in.

On the prompt enter your company email address and password.


In the Web App, on the left hand-sight you find the tab ‘Analytics’.

In the analytics section you have a perfect overview of what is happening in your space. 

You can see the amount of shows, channels and episodes created, the amount of listeners, the most popular podcast with the most claps, the monthly log-ins, how many podcast minutes have been uploaded and the most frequent playtimes. 

Add External Podcasts

To insert an external podcast into the si:cross platform, the RSS feed of that external podcast is needed. The best way to find out the RSS feed of an existing podcast is to google the podcast name in combination with the keyword RSS, or try to find it via get RSS feed https://getrssfeed.com/

Once you have the RSS feed, copy and paste it into the external podcast feature. You find the button ‘add external podcast’ in the main overview on the top right. Once you insert the RSS feed link, you will get an overview of the external podcast details, click create and everything will be added to your space.


In the Web App, on the left hand-sight you find the tab ‘Channels’.

The channel section gives you on the one hand an overview of your created channels and the ones you are a part of, and on the other hand the opportunity to create a new channel. Hit the create channel button, fill in the channel ‘s name and description, add as many users as you like, and decide whether the added users should also be an admin of this channel or not (more rights in terms of editing and deleting) and then save the newly created channel. 

Create Show & Episode

Create Show

Go to “my shows”, the main overview in the Web App and hit the create a new show button. First steps: upload an image, give the show a name and type in a short show description. 

You can also decided if you want to publish as an ‘organisation’, e.g. as HR department. 

The next step gives you the opportunity to decide whether this show is available for every employee in the company or only for particular channels. 

Additional producers can be added in the next step. 

All you have to do then is hit the ‘create show’ button and your show is created.

Create Episode

You need a show to create an episode – hence, after creating a show, you can upload your episode. Simply go into the show, where you want to add your episode and click ‘Create new episode’. Click ‘Upload’: everything that has been previously recorded can be uploaded from your computer. You can also hit the ‘record’ button to directly record an episode. Don’t stress out, once you’re done with recording, you can replay it and do it once again, if needed. 

After uploading, add an episode name, a short description and hit the save button. Afterwards, you see that your first episode is live and you receive some additional information such as the length, the claps, listeners and drop-off rate. 

User Management

Here you have the option to upload new users via .csv file or e-mail address. You can also give them the available roles: “broadcast_all”, “read_analytics”, or “user_admin”. 

Broadcast_all”: can share audio with everyone in the whole space

 “Read_analytics”: can read the analytics of the space

User_admin”: Can add or delete users and allocate new roles.

And of course, you can manage existing users by giving them other roles, or unsubscribe them from previous roles and search for users by their names or mail addresses. 

Upload vs. Recording

When you are creating a new episode you have the option to ‘Upload’ an audio file from your computer or to record yourself, directly from the browser. For that, hit ‘record’ and allow your browser access to your microphone (when prompted). A little window will open – click ‘record’. The recording starts and you can see the time that you have recorded. You can ‘pause’ the recording if needed and ‘resume’ when you are ready. Once you are done with your recording click ‘Done’.

Your recording is displayed. You can listen again, you can adjust the volume and you can also download the recording. If you are happy with the recording you can click ‘Done’ (at the bottom right). If you would like to record again click ‘resume’ (on the top left). If you click ‘Done’ you recording is uploaded and will appear in your episodes. 

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