si:cross Introducing the World to the New Tool for Effective Corporate Internal Communications

  • si:cross offers an audio-communication software tool, which is essential for a company’s internal communication in fast paced, remote and hybrid work environments. The pandemic accelerated the forthcoming changes in our everyday life and workplace. si:cross helps companies to adapt to the change by enabling asynchronous communication, workforce flexibility, and screenless collaboration.

  • Effective corporate communication is the main target, while audio is its key tool and facilitator. 

April 06, 2021 / Berlin, GERMANY

With the first release of the software published at the end of 2020 and the first investors on board, si:cross is presenting its audio-focused software solution for companies’ internal communication. si:cross empowers employees to distribute and receive impactful audio-messages across departments to reach different target groups effectively and asynchronously. In a remote dominated working environment and beyond, si:cross enables employees to focus on tasks that matter the most by reducing the amount of video calls and providing a medium for flexible on-demand content consumption.

“Even before the pandemic, we realized that the corporate culture of presence and face-to-face meetings is losing its relevance due to the rise of remote work trends. The current circumstances undoubtedly accelerated this change. But somehow we are still using the same strategies and tools for keeping our stakeholders informed and motivated, ignoring the fact that these tools are ineffective in the new hybrid work environment,” said Rona van der Zander, Co-Founder of si:cross. Jochen Schneider, Co-Founder of si:cross, added: “This new reality requires more authentic and asynchronous communication – audio meets this demand. It allows companies to adapt their communication to today’s business challenges by, firstly, enhancing agility and, secondly, freeing up our schedules for more deep work. Making the most of the workforce’s scarcest resource – time.” 

Audio as the next level of internal communication

Our society is rapidly heading towards remote and hybrid work environments. As the COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to switch to remote work, the vulnerability of the existing communication strategies got disclosed. Replacing in-person meetings with virtual ones proved to be ineffective – companies struggle with the timely distribution of messages to the right audience, while employees experience zoom fatigue and a productivity decrease. To stay at the forefront of innovation and growth, companies need to adapt today and start building new strategies for internal communication and cross-functional collaboration.

Audio and voice communication is already a part of employees’ daily life and will expand further with the growth of virtual assistant technologies. Companies that adopt audio-communication strategies and tools today have higher chances to be integrated into stakeholder’s lives tomorrow. si:cross offers both – a reliable, secure, easy-to-use tool and audio strategy development consultancy.

With si:cross, companies can:

  • accelerate transformation and innovation while reducing silos

  • establish leadership across departments by building an emotional connection with stakeholders

  • enhance corporate culture with low budget and in a short time

  • effectively distribute important information regardless of time-zones and force majeure events like COVID-19

While employees can:

  • focus on their main responsibilities by reducing time spent in video calls and with synchronous communication

  • improve corporate knowledge and information access

  • increase personal flexibility and awareness

  • build valuable connections within the company regardless the location and time

“The future of work is remote and virtual first. Today’s workplace environment has already a blended workforce and is less tied down to physical locations. Home office and remote work are an integral element of our professional business life. Their importance will increase tremendously over the years to come. We believe advanced digital communication will play a pivotal role to support this development. With its technological solution, si:cross is right at the center of this new development. HIB GmbH is excited and committed to team up with si:cross in order to shape this new future,” said Volker Holzer, HIB GmbH.

Already today, anyone can sign up for a free demo on website and test the solution on the web, Android or macOS apps.

About si:cross

si:cross is an audio-communication software solution that increases the effectiveness of a company’s internal communication in remote and hybrid work environments. Audio enables asynchronous, flexible internal communication by reducing screen time, and returning employees’ focus to tasks that maximise their performance.

With si:cross any stakeholder can easily create and timely distribute podcasts and audio messages across hierarchies and corporate levels. To learn more and request a demo, visit

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