2020 was a year full of challenges and surprises for all of us. It’s time to sum up all the lessons we learnt and share small wisdoms for the upcoming year. Here is the list of key learnings and New Year’s resolutions for 2021 from si:cross team!

Believe in miracles (and hard work)

Yes, even in 2020! Even 2 weeks before the Christmas holidays when your mailbox is full of “send me a reminder in 2021”, believe in what you are doing and keep doing it. Surround yourself with like-minded people who will be ready to go the extra mile with you. Because luck and miracles are coming with persistence, risk, and late-night pitch preparations. And we all better have someone to cover our back in 2021.

Embrace networks

2020 showed us the importance of well informed, connected, and agile teams, which quickly adapt to new conditions and unleash cumulative capabilities. What most of the companies missed in the unpredictable battle is the right tools and networks for reinforcing these teams digitally and remotely. 

In 2021 the si:cross team will work even harder on advancing our audio communication platform that enables companies to build communities of empowered employees. We believe that asynchronous communication along with information democratization, which becomes possible with si:cross, activates teams, and employees around emerging challenges and leads to the development of competitive and thriving organizations of the future.

Hearing is the new seeing

In Germany, 58% of the population aged 16-34 listened to a podcast at least once (Edison Research). Since the beginning of the pandemic podcast hosting companies have reported rapid growth of new trials caused by individual creators and businesses entering platforms (Sarah Gooding). 25% of employee interactions with applications will be via voice by 2023 (Gartner). Not having any audio strategy in place for 2021? Better to prepare one before another force of change takes your company by surprise.

In 2021 the si:cross team will put in even more effort into educating our community about the opportunities and use cases of audio communication. We will bring up more insightful conversations and share existing stories together with talented guests in our podcast. And we surely will keep bringing audio communication into play in corporations around the world with the purpose of returning employees’ focus to things that matter most by enabling more asynchronous work!

Build wirearchies

If we want to stay connected in a disconnected world we need to learn from the experiences of 2020. Transferring old routines and water cooler chats to the new reality proved to be useless. Spending half of the day on video calls didn’t improve productivity but hurt it and resulted in Zoom fatigue. Sending 900-word email updates about new regulations didn’t increase employees’ trust and confidence but grew anxiety and indifference.

In 2021 si:cross promises to help companies to build wirearchies. We will keep pushing audio and podcasting as a new way of internal communication that effectively delivers the information, increases flexibility, empowers employees, and eliminates predefined hierarchies. We embrace the change and use it to build a dynamic and connected business world!