Countless thoughts. Even more discussions. Don’t know how much effort we put in. How many people we met. How often we started building prototypes just to blow it all away after some time. The reasons why we decided to pivot are numerous. But now it is our time.

For quite some years it seemed that podcasts are a niche thing. Low adoption and growth rates. It was the typical chicken or egg problem. The lack of great content caused low listener numbers, the missing audience didn’t attract great content creators. 

Today, the podcast market is growing and becoming more and more attractive for content creators, thought leaders and everyone who has knowledge or experience of value to share.


Observing the big players like Spotify, Amazon and Apple you could recognize that they started to compete for a new business model on how to be the most attractive platform for podcasters. Today, podcasts are publicly available to consume in a comfortable manner via free mobile apps. Since there’s no established system to sell podcast episodes nor an accepted model of pay for use (à la Netflix) podcasters finance, if at all, their efforts via advertising. 

Over the last few years, the production and publishing process for podcasts became so easy that everyone who has a little understanding of audio recording or the willingness to spend some time reading about the essentials, can produce and publish podcasts in a matter of hours. Nowadays everyone can record a podcast episode with a mobile phone. With the help of third party services, people can optimize their audio files e.g by reducing background noises.

We became aware of this trend at the end of 2018 and started working on an idea to leverage the potential of smart speakers, while also taking into consideration how advertising will change in an audio and voice dominated environment. 

We were already convinced that voice will be a big thing in the near future…and when we were discussing about voice bots, we realized that podcasts are having much more potential than we initially thought

A lot of our colleagues and friends, as well as we ourselves, usually commute to work or even regularly travel to work abroad.  What are we doing during this travel time…?  Exactly – we are listening to podcasts, gaining new knowledge, learning about interesting topics or hear interesting people share their business experience. 

Since we finished our studies, we worked for big corporates and experienced hands on during our day-to-day jobs how difficult it is to stay up to date with the latest trends, possibilities and developments. 

We got curious to dig deeper into the topic of podcasting and see if there’s a linkage between the private reason of “why I listen to podcasts” and the challenge we recognized in big corporates.

In discussions with colleagues and friends it seemed that there’s a pattern. They all struggle to find time to learn new skills, stay up-to-date with the latest trends or share their experiences within the corporate sector, often even within their own organizations. 

Based on our business experience we are convinced that the key to a successful digital transformation is your workforce. Certainly, it’s initiated and driven by technology. However, if you want to be successful you need to be able to change your organization from within and make it adaptable to whatever comes next. The times of multi-year plans that will be executed as planned are over. 

Today, you can’t be sure who you will compete with tomorrow and if it’s a big player or a completely new kid on the block. 

Regarding your workforce, this means that you need resilient people, ready to deal with uncertainty and constant change, while being able to have a clear focus and being as transparent as possible on their progress, obstacles, findings and ideas.

The more we thought and talked about it, the more it became clear that we want to support as many companies and people working in corporates to master this challenge as possible. That was when our mission to enable the human side of enterprise was crafted.

We teamed up – different backgrounds and skill sets, but the same dream to make this mission a reality. 

We are convinced that taking podcasting into enterprises will change your communication, your culture and support you in becoming more adaptable to an ever changing environment – be it as an individual, as a team or as your entire organization. 

By founding si:cross we committed to build and offer a state of the art solution, that brings the convenience of the best consumer podcasting platforms into the enterprise, adapting to the specific needs of a corporate environment but still offer an awesome user experience. All based on cutting edge cloud technology and a customer centered business model.

We are convinced that it will improve not only internal communications but also enhance innovation and turn employees into active storytellers and on-the-go learners. 

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If you are ready to unlock the magic of human to human communication get in touch with us! Let’s discuss and create the communication of the 21st century together.

We are looking forward to this journey, 

Jochen, Rona, Pascal & Arthur



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