As new lockdown restrictions have been put in place due to the increasing number of people affected by COVID-19, we should finally admit that what previously has been called the “future of work” is now already a tangible reality. Even before the pandemic 98% of remote workers answered they would like to work remotely, at least some of the time, for the rest of their careers. (Buffer) So hoping for it to be over soon and waiting for “back to normal” is a questionable strategy for companies which are striving for leadership in the digital age. 

It’s time to accept the new reality and start enhancing our work environment! Isn’t it a nice title to an article in a fancy business journal? Relax, we don’t want to waste your time. We want to share our TOP 4 remote work tips since our team chose the remote work policy, before it became mainstream! We made a lot of mistakes at the beginning but we learnt and survived. So hopefully this post will help you to avoid our mistakes and to adapt to new rules of the game.

Tip №1 is from our visionary brain and CEO Jochen

The key remote-work challenge for me was questioning my established habits and building new ones. It’s easy to say but! There are two main problems in it. First, established habits require much less energy to perform. Second, new ones come with an ugly friend called uncertainty.

These two often bring us to the thinking trap: changing behaviour equals being less productive, because additional energy and time are needed to adopt new habits. We must always keep in mind that short-term trade-offs always pay back in the long-run. And the only way to remain productive and healthy in the long term is to build new habits now. Habits which empower you to cope with remote-work challenges and enhance your corporate culture and productivity.

Tip №2 is advised by our tech-enthusiast, aka tech-explorer, aka CTO – Arthur

Let’s talk productivity! The main motto of our team is working individually on tasks which can be performed asynchronously. When you feel you’ve done your best and to move further you need a call – send that video conference invitation. Otherwise, if you do most of the things synchronously (as if you’d be still sitting next to your colleague’s desk in an open space), you will waste lots of time and energy!

Think of it from the new perspective! You only sync your wireless headphones to a smartphone, when you need to listen to e.g. an audio message. You don’t waste batteries of both devices, keeping them synchronised the whole day without a proper reason! If you do so, you risk to end up with dead batteries on both devices. So you can’t listen to anything until you recharge them. 

The same rule applies to human interactions! Work on tasks on your own pace and schedule and when you are ready sync results. Robots won’t take over the world if we just learn sometimes from them.

Tip № 3 is a mate of the previous tip because the author is another half of our techie brain, problem solver, coding wizard and CTO – Pascal

Eliminate meetings as much as possible! We can see so many cases which prove this point. From the invention of the term “Zoom fatigue” to the creation of the website, which provides you audio sound-excuses to help you to escape from exhausting video calls! 

You think now ” how are we going to communicate if we minimise video calls?”. It’s just a question of adopting new habits, because tools are already there! While testing the demo version of our audio platform for internal communication, two most common questions we hear are: “Wow, audio is a good communication channel with the right infrastructure available, isn’t it?” and “Can it really reduce screen time while improving communication?“

And the answer on both of these questions is yes!

  • Audio reduces screen time and enables your employees to focus on their priorities –> increased effectiveness and satisfaction.
  • Audio increases communication flexibility and ensures you have a quality time over the video call –> healthy culture and effective information delivery.

Tip № 4 is from our change leader, communication guru and CEO – Rona. She knows how to ensure smooth transformation!

Never underestimate the value of routines! For me it’s really important to ensure that the remote setting doesn’t decrease the level of my physical activity. Before, I had to take my bike and ride 5 km one way just to get to the office! So my every-day slogan for keeping me pumped and energised in the remote setting is – MOVE MORE!

Incorporate new routines: take morning walks, do 5 minutes meditation breaks, do some push-ups after 2 hours at the desk (now no one will give you a bewildered look)! And if you are able to incorporate asynchronous methods in your work-life, then you can always listen to your weekly update from the team lead while taking a walk with your dog and preparing for a new productive day!

If you are ready to change your habits and improve your internal communication you can start by testing our app for internal asynchronous audio communication absolutely free of charge. We promise to support you on the way and explain how, when and why this tool can be a game changer for you and your team! Contact us or request a demo!