Save your time for synchronous meetings that really matter.
For the rest – use si:cross

Use Cases

Status Report


You had a disruptive idea? Can’t wait to share your thoughts with your team? Why wait for that status call on Friday? Inspire your team with your emotions and insights by simply recording an audio. Flexibly gather feedback and prepare an action plan


Status Reports

Keep your team in the loop by sharing daily, weekly or biweekly audio-status reports. Record and listen to your team members async, on-the-go, whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you! Get things moving right now, without additional video-calls



Forget about long and exhausting feedback sessions. Optimise your time by recording an audio whether it’s client’s comments or individual feedback. Receive a notification and listen to the episode, clarify questions via the app and proceed to the implementation



Increase Well-Being

In the virtual working world we have to rethink our working methods and communication approach. With si:cross you can improve the in team collaboration and psychological safety of team members, while spending less time in front of the screen.

Build Relationships & Trust

In-person interactions can be valuable, fresh and engaging! Use sync communication for informal and friendly chatting – boost trust and quality of in-team relationships. For the rest – use si:cross.​

Return Focus

65% of workers said that meetings keep them from completing their own work. With si:cross individuals can increase time for their deep work and concentrate on tasks, which bring the most value to your team.

Increase Flexibility

Stop micromanaging, enable asynchronous communication and individual flexibility. Excessive check-ins and control increase dependency and anxiety. Worship independency, resilience, and problem-solving with sufficient flexible communication.

Reduce Screen Time

Daily back-to-back calls stunt team productivity. si:cross allows to decrease screen time up to 40% and thus increase individual productivity.

Audio Summaries

Forget about townhalls and exhausting feedback sessions. Optimize your time by sharing an asynchronous audio summary. We will notify your team and they can flexibly listen to the audio and proceed to execution.

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We offer the asynchronous audio solution for the complex needs of knowledge workers in a virtual first future.

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