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The future is digital & remote first. Time to adapt our communication. We love audio, while we are not big fans of non-stop meetings and back-to-back video calls. Hence, we thought: what potential is there still in audio to improve our asynchronous collaboration? How can we use audio, this fast and authentic medium, to improve our company-internal communication? That’s how si:cross was born.

van der Zander


Rona worked in sales, marketing and innovation in 8 different countries on 3 continents and has helped build several start-ups. At si:cross she focuses on marketing, sales, team building and tax and legal topics. Rona loves audio because it can turn any dull task into a learning experience – while driving, travelling or working in the garden she loves to tune into the latest podcasts.



Jochen has many years of Management experience in B2B & Cloud at SAP, where he managed global teams of up to 50 people. At si:cross he focuses on vision, sales, product market fit and VC topics. Jochen loves audio because it unleashes creativity and stimulates the imagination while allowing flexibility and time away from the screen. Audio efficiently transmits information and allows it to have an emotional context.



Arthur has several years of experience as a software architect in cloud and custom development projects at SAP. At si:cross he focuses on product management, development, architecture and design. Arthur loves audio because it gives people the freedom to listen to it whenever they want, when it fits into their schedule and work life. Especially in this current fast-paced world the aspect of asynchronous communication is and will be a big factor.



Pascal has several years of experience as a software architect in the cloud where he built several products and individual customer projects sizing from several hundred to more than 5000 person days at SAP. At si:cross he focuses on architecture and security of the platform as well as managing the product life cycle from idea to production.
Pascal loves audio because it creates an authentic experience while enabling everyone to work on their own terms.

Our Partners

Podcast Training

Recording a podcast is extremely simplified through our platform. However, recording the first podcast can be challenging so we offer training on how to get started, things to pay attention to and ‘must haves’ for a great podcast. We support you to come up with your own best practices and techniques that fit best to most of your use cases.

Consultancy Services

We view organisational communication as part of the socio-technical system that makes up organisations. Thus, we work at the interface between humans and technology. We analyse both what constitutes appropriate technology as well as factors influencing the adoption process and usage by the end user. This also involves looking at communication flows and patterns in the organization.

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