Success in a digital world is not just powered by data but by transparency across silos and all hierarchies. One of the biggest challenges therefore is to encourage any and all employees to share their voice.

You have an open-door policy, so the opportunity to speak up is always there, but the fear of repercussion and the lack of incentives to give feedback might be a hurdle.

We make sure you have a solution in place not just to give your employees a voice but to make it simple to be heard, provide feedback and get things moving.


Podcasting has become one of the preferred ways to consume information – we are finally bringing podcasting into your enterprise so you benefit from all its advantages. 

We enable an informal ecosystem on top of your organizational structure to unlock your future success, foster innovation and enhance your company culture. 

Communicate consistently and increase productivity                                  

Enable an informal ecosystem and cut meeting cost                       

Unlock your employees common knowledge and increase learning efficiency

Enable thought leadership                                                        

Promote your employees creativity

Is your


si:cross offers a SaaS solution that brings podcasting into enterprise to turn employees into active storytellers and on-the-go learners. We believe in the power of knowledge networks within and across your company. With our software solution that applies the concept of podcasting to enterprise communication and our service offering we support your employees independent of their role or status to spread their knowledge and important information openly and efficient.

We turn your employees into active storytellers and on-the-go learners. 

Successful adaptation to a changing environment demands clear communication. We enable managers, experts and enterprise thought leaders to consistently engage with their network independent of silos and hierarchies and foster growth mindsets.

Unlock the magic of human to human communication

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