si:cross – a software for company internal podcasts.
Share knowledge, ideas and updates – via audio!

Audio-messages & Podcasts
for Internal Communication

On the si:cross software employees can share and receive async audio messages & podcasts. In a psychologically safe environment they can share updates, subscribe to shows and also listen mobile and offline.  

For CompaniesFor Teams

In a virtual setting communication is key

Use Cases


Easily create and distribute impactful audio stories across hierarchies and corporate levels

In Team

Communicate with team members on-demand and on the go. Regardless of time zones and physical locations

Corporate Experience

Optimize communication for standard procedures: create and access audio-stories for off-boarding, on-boarding, briefing, training and much more

More than podcasting

Data Security

si:cross meets the highest security and data protection standards, ensuring that content distribution is compliant with all internal and external regulations

Consulting and Training

Tailor your audio communication strategy to maximize the performance with our team of internal-communication and audio experts, strategists and psychologist

Insights & Analytics

Measure and optimise your internal communication strategy with comprehensive, easily accessible in-app analytics

Content Diversity

Get exclusive access to audio-stories, podcasts & courses of si:cross partners


By adding an asynchronous audio communication channel you gain more time for deep work and get more time off your screen

Seamless Experience

Create, distribute and optimize content from one desktop hub, access content immediately and effortlessly via the mobile app

Unlock the magic of asynchronous audio communication

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